Here are some maps I created with the Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath WorldBuilder editor.

All of them are made to work in skirmish mode with the official Kane's Wrath v1.02 (1.2) patches. Technically they can also be played online in multiplayer mode but this is not tested. Playing the maps with a modified game or enabled mod may or may not work. You are free to modify any of the maps if you feel you need to as long as the credits in the archive and in-game make clear it's not my original map anymore. Letting me know about it would be nice.

 nastyneighbors link

I started this 2-player map in 2012 but never got around to finish it. Finally, in 2014, it was completed.
The players are positioned side-by-side but seperated by a hill. To reach your opponents base with ground forces you'll have to use one of the passways, be it the bridge or through the hills. It features a pair of EMP Control Centres and Mutant Hovels, 4 Defensive Turrets, 4 Tiberium Spikes and several Tiberium Fields, including a blue one. Some visceroids and a very few mutant marauders and corrupted infantery are thrown in too.

The get an idea of the game play, an HD video can be found on YouTube.

 upnorth link

A 2-player map, done in 2014. Players start in the bottom corners with a Mutant Hovel nearby. A large Tiberium Field is within sight but it grows slowly so you need to expand your base to harvest the others fields. In the middle are 2 Expansion Points which can be captured to get ground control but way up north are the blue Tiberium Fields as is a 3rd Tiberium Spike, 2 EMP Centres and a Reinforcement Bay. Scripted vehicles are driving around the map but watch out for the Nuclear Transports. There are also some at the satellite launch facility base. The shortest way to get to your enemies base is by using the bridge in the south but you can also sneak through the middle and use the other bridges or go around them by using the northern route.

 creepscritters link

A different kind of an up to 4-players map I did in 2014. The center of it is occupied by a base filled with highly armored corrupted heroic units and an incredible ammount of base defense. As soon you get too close they'll start to attack but at some point you'll have to as it's the only way to reach an opponent base.

But there is also bad news.

The base has Disruption Pods so everything in it is stealthed. There's little room for base expansion so you'll get a '250' energy head start which means you don't have to build power buildings right away except for the first one, which you need to enable unit building. 2 Tiberium Spikes are close for each player, as is an EMP Centre and 3 small, pretty fast growing, high density Tiberium Fields. Long distance artillery (Spectre/Behemoth/Juggernaut/etc.) is recommended.

A full HD video of a preliminary version (without EMP buildings) is available on YouTube.

 centerfold link

A large half-symetric map for up to 4 players with some scripted vehicles and multiple Tiberium Fields of which the big one is in the middle of the map. You may want to expand to there but so do your opponents and in 4 player mode your closest enemy is exactly that, close, so you'll also have to defend your base.

1 Small Tiberium Field is nearby and a 2nd one a little bit further away but you'll have to share it with you nearest opponent. There is a total of 8 Tiberium Spikes where 1 is located near your starting point. In the center are some Defensive Turrets to capture and garrisonable buildings are spread around the area. Enter the lower ground to get ahold of 1 of the 4 EMP Centres.

 dirtydocks link

Map for up to 4 players with waterways and bridges, done in 2015. It also features, how odd, some docks which are not necessarily dirty but it just sounds good. There are 12 Tiberium Fields which sounds like a lot but it isn't. Most are small fields and are scattered around the map. None of the 6 Tiberium Spikes are directly near your base and 2 of them are near the center, together with 4 Mutant Hovels and 4 Defensive Turrets.

The map is half-symetric so in 4 player mode 1 of your opponents is pretty close by while the other 2 are on the opposite site of the map. Along the northern and southern edges are some garrisonable buildings.

 wutheringheights link

A symetric 4 player map I did in 2015. Because of the dark environment and differences in terrain levels it's named after the 1846 novel by Emily Brontë where the title is a dark and unsightly fictional location.

In each corner of the map is a Mutant Hovel and there are 8 Tiberium Spikes, multiple green and blue Tiberium Fields and 4 Tiberium Silo's. All bases are connected by bridges but there are several ways to go around these. A few garrisonable buildings (bunkers and watchtowers) are thrown in too as are 4 EMP centre's.

 outfieldoffence link

A 2 player map, done in 2015. It has 6 green Tiberium Fields with a blue one in the middle, 4 garrisonable buildings, 2 Defensive Turrets and 4 Tiberium Spikes.

Also thrown in are a running train and car to spice it up a little.