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   Fox-1 - Plastic Man
    Playtime: 13:04
       Tempo: 124 bpm
       Date: Jun 2004

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Fast Eddie - Hip House
Steinski - I'm Wild About that Thing
Two Men a Drum Machine and a Trumpet - Tired of Getting Pushed Around
Africa Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Looking for the Perfect Beat
Herby Hancock - Rock It
Coldcut - Stop this Crazy Thing
Bomb the Bass - Beat Dis
LA Mix - Check This Out
Marrs - Pump up the Volume
Newclues - Jam on It
Joyc - Don't Stop the Beat
Paul Hardcastle - 19
Krush - House Arrest
Wee Papa Girls Rappers - We Know It
Dr. Baker and Leila K. - Kaos
JackMaster Silk - Jack Your Body
Dynamix II - Just Give the DJ a Break
Coldcut feat. Yazz - Doctorin' the House
Boys from the Bottom - Boom! I Got your Girlfriend
Coldcut and Steinski - Say Kids (what time is it)
The Beatmasters - Burn It Up
S'Express - Hey Music Lover
Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
Stock Aitken Waterman - Roadblock
Confetti's - C Day dub
Bar Kays - Sexomatic
Royal House - Yeah Buddy
Hithouse - Jack to the Sound of the Underground
Reynold Girls - I'd Rather Jack
Hithouse - Move Your Feet to the Rhythm of the Beat
Cut to Shock feat. E.F. Cuttin' - Put that Record Back on
Shannon - Let the Music Play
Jack 'n' Chill - The House that Jack Built
Full Force - Alice, I Want You Just for Me
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